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Fire Detection

Fire Detection

The automatic fire detection equipment is used to identify fire risk in the earliest possible stage of the fire emergency. The system consists of various types of automatic detectors supplemented with manual call points and control panels, which ensure the assessment of the signals (alarm or failure), alarms (audible or visible), circuits and input-output modules for notification and operating other fire emergency systems.

Our offer of automatic fire detection equipment is based on addressable systems enabling fast and precise fire detection while excluding false alarms. They are fully certified  systems  fitting  the  criteria  of  the  valid  European  norms  and  are certified  by  the  authorised  body  of  PAVÚS that approves the installation of these systems in buildings. The present offer constitutes of two addressable analogue control panels (the compact or modular solutions with the possibility of networking the control panels), addressable fire detectors and other detectors (sirens, beacons, manual call points), conventional or special detectors with the possibility of being networked with the addressable system via relevant modules, certified fire cables and a plenitude of accessories.

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