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Security Systems

Security Systems

The task of the electronic security systems is to detect the intrusion into a building or area and consequently raise the alarm. The warning may be local (siren), by transmission to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC; in Czech PCO – Pult centralizované ochrany), or by directly alarming the owner (SMS, e-mail). We provide the whole range of products manufactured by the renowned Canadian producer of security systems – PARADOX Security systems.  Therefore  we  provide  not  only  the centrepiece of any security system – the central panel, but also detectors and other equipment vital for ensuring the whole way from the DETECTION to the ALARM.

We complement our assortment with other well time-tested products of other world-known manufacturers; therefore we are able to solve most of the standard security situations (flats, houses, large-scale buildings, open-space areas). Besides the electronic equipment we also provide and deliver the full assortment of accessories necessary for the installation (batteries, metal boxes, power supply, wiring etc.)

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